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Following the recent release of our agency insights and our early September webinar, where we explored agency behaviours and how to deliver better outcomes, we decided to talk to Hannah Brookes, 247 Time Customer Representative, to find out exactly what an Allocate Agency Assessment entails and what benefits it generates for healthcare organisations using agency workers. 

What’s required for an agency assessment?

For any trust using regular agency staff, our complimentary Agency Assessment is a quick way to identify inefficiencies in the current outsourcing processes and provides an projected value of temporary staffing savings, by simply reviewing a handful of data.

The assessment starts by collating the following information:

  1. The staffing groups in which agency workers are used – this is medics, allied health professionals (AHPs) or nursing staff
  2. Total annual spend for each agency staffing group
  3. Total annual agency hours for each staffing group

There’s also some supplementary information, such as current direct engagement provider and charge rate, but this is not mandatory and will not affect the delivery of the analysis.

How is the information presented?

Due to the minimal data required, we’ve been able to complete such assessments in as little as 24 hours!

We’ll schedule a quick conversation with the organisation and one of our Allocate account managers, simply to relay the information back and ensure that all information provided is correct.

In total, we have completed over 25 assessments for NHS trusts, and from my personal experience, we’ve always noted how pleasantly surprised the recipient has been.

What results can organisations expect?

They’ve been fantastic in comparison to their current direct engagement or agency provision. So far, we’ve always provided substantially improved results, with some anonymised examples below:

Trust 1: Over £3.9m annual net savings all for the investment of £153,799

Trust 2: Over £983k annual net savings all for the investment of £52,377

Trust 3: Over £1.4m annual net savings all for the investment of £52,878

Marianne Somerfield, Head of Resourcing at Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust comments: “We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results that have been presented to us in the agency savings assessment. The assessment itself was pain free and very quick to complete and we’re now using the information to share with the wider organisation.”

How to schedule an assessment

An assessment is quick and easy to request. Simply complete the form on the Direct Engagement page or email the team at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch to collect the required information.

There’s no cost involved in taking an assessment – it’s completely complimentary and provides you with some great insights in to potential savings on your temporary staffing requirements.