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ER Tracker supporting the shift-change in HR case management

by Matt Lapper, ERTracker Product Manager
21 March 2022

Background – A change in the Employee Relations case management landscape

Historically when a company has a case to raise regarding an employee, the process usually had to be led by a member of the HR team to ensure all policies and procedures are followed, not only to ensure that the company itself is not left exposed to any incorrect steps taken, but to ensure that the employee involved has their case handled correctly and fairly. 

Within Allocate Software we’re seeing our customers starting to take a ‘devolved’ approach to HR case management, rather than a ‘centric’ approach, which in turn is empowering line managers to handle cases involving their team members.

(You can  find out why customers are taking this step and more, by taking a look at the ER case management landscape webinar available here).

The solution – A Cloud based HR case management software with great flexibility and reporting capabilities

Allocate ER Tracker  helps to expedite this process; it is a case management solution built from the ground up for the sole purpose of improving the process of people management that allows a more hands-on approach from the manager while freeing up HR resources to focus on other issues within the organisation. 

ER Tracker’s flexibility allows our customers to customise the steps and stages to fit their own policies and procedures. Bear in mind that different types of cases require different steps and stages, and each type of case may have different outcomes. Line managers can follow each case through to closure in the correct manner, ensuring every employee has a fair process that is documented and followed through in the correct timelines. 

That’s not to say that HR don’t have anything to do any more: they still need to be kept abreast of what’s happening in their organisation, and can offer guidance where necessary to those line-managers involved in a case. They can also see where and why cases are being raised to spot and address any undesirable trends in their organisation. 


Bringing consistency to case management and putting people first

Ultimately, a company’s biggest assets are its employees. Employers should do anything possible to ensure that their employees are treated fairly and with dignity, which will sequentially contribute to overall employee satisfaction and loyalty, in the long term.  

ER Tracker facilitates that process of improvement, expediting line managers in becoming more upskilled in the processes and procedures of people management, adding another string to their bow and contributing to their job satisfaction. 

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