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HR Case Management

What makes a great employee relations case management system?

When employees face problems at work, fair and consistent policies with timely execution times are on high demand. Employees want treating fairly, consistently and get the situation solved in a timely fashion. These are the times you might be asking yourself: How does our employee relations case management system fare against the needs of its users?

As you’ll know, employee relations (ER) are built from far more than employer branding and workforce satisfaction created with attractive locations. Good employee relations management requires structured policies and fair processes ready for when colleagues are hit with issues at work. Whether it is colleague raising a HR case to deal with bullying or it’s a challenge with long-term absences, we all expect consistent case management with clear regulations.

So why should I need an ER case management system?

In the most ideal situation, your HR case management software, can help you to reduce sickness, decrease case costs, and better manage caseloads. However, in most cases, the measures of a great human resources case management software are not a direct match to the needs you have for your ER case management.

When benchmarking your options and needs, we guide you to measure the helpfulness of your HR system based on how it is supports your organisations proactive ER case management whilst facilitating efficient case reporting. In our experience, a great employee relations case management system offers the following three pillars for case management.

1. Compliant ER case management workflows

Your HR case management software of choice should ensure that cases are processed in line with your HR policy, making sure deadlines are met and that communication is consistent and evidenced. This will reduce your risk of employment tribunals and aids you to build your employer brand as a trusted and fair company to work for.

Product features you need to improve compliance are:

  • Customisable case steps and stages
  • Unlimited case types
  • Case alerts, tasks and reminders
  • Multiple case reason availability
  • Case extension reasons
  • Secure central repository
  • Flexible user permissions

2. Visibility to manage and understand ER case types, volumes and deadlines

When using excel or a non-ER specific HR system, HR leaders and line managers can struggle to understand the volumes and stages of current ER cases. This often leads to inaccurate and lengthy reporting which increases time spent on cases. Great HR case management software allows your staff to view their team’s cases and understand which cases are on track, providing reporting on timelines, costs, along with case trends which aid proactive HR case management.

Product features that boost your case visibility and aid ER case management, whether it’s devolved or centralised within your HR team are:

  • Management dashboards
  • Task management views
  • Customisable reporting

3. Efficiency with case connectivity and 360 accessibility

One of your main reasons to adapt an employee relations case management software might well be the need to meet case resolutions quicker and with greater accessibility. As the caseloads have built up for many businesses with the great resignation and the aftermath of covid-19 furlough schemes, many businesses and local governments are experiencing increased numbers of employee tribunals in the UK.

In times like these, adapting automation with built in timelines and task management becomes a must to tackle the cases fast and fair. Additionally, having central storage of documents and reporting would make your case management quick and easy with accurate audit trails. Luckily, our most adequate ER case management solution allow cases to be linked for cross referencing without compromising your task management at a single case level.

Product features you want to look out for improved efficiency within you HR case management processes and solutions are:

  • Document bundling
  • Letterhead merge
  • Outlook add-in
  • System integrations
  • User defined fields
  • Fast tracking of cases
  • Proactive HR analysis

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